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Hangzhou MA electronic co., LTD. Is a company in the domestic leading intelligent items access solutions provider, is the collection technology development, manufacturing, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company products are widely used in banking, electricity, medical and other industries clients.

We have a software in the system, automatic control, mechanical manufacturing has rich experience in the field of engineering and technical team, professional provide self-service solutions industry, with various industries to realize the automatic objects access as the goal, design the most suitable for the market demand of products. After many years of technical research and accumulation, we have established a customer oriented, from project planning, software design, form a complete set of products, project management and the maintenance comprehensive customer service system.

The company insists on & quot; Technology as backing, the market as the guidance & quot; Business philosophy, & quot; Detail decides success or failure & quot; For the spirit of enterprise, adhere to independent development combined with foreign cooperation, go all out to self-service terminals, access to modern technology products research and development, the company produced a self-service terminals, rotary paper management system, drug access management machine and other products have similar products in the country is in the lead.

Company name: HangZhou Jemma Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: zhejiang linan city ring road no. 399 technology incubators 9th floor (zip code: 311300)
Tel:pre-sale:0571-63806598   after-sales:0571-63751159
Fax:0571-63751159   63755353
Customer service hotline:4008260116  

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